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A ten-year collaboration, mainly in the Marvel universe, which eventually became friendship. We had a chat with Roberto Morville, who worked for many years at Disney Italia as creative director before recently venturing into the freelance world as a creative consultant.
«Marco Guadagno and I always like to make fun of each other with somewhat offensive, yet amusing epithets, owing to the fact that we support two different football teams. But we also often enjoy betting on who will find the solution to the most untranslatable pun we will have to deal with in the next film.

Consider that Marvel products entail further difficulties, for they are part of a universe (MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe) that encompasses hundreds of characters, all having their own specific peculiarities, their background and – obviously – their voice. There is also a plot that links the several films (albeit, subtle and flexible at times), which requires an in-depth and historical knowledge of comic strips, TV series, etc., in order to duly and wittingly handle the new project.
Then we have Marvel enthusiasts and experts who are very keen on the integrity and quality of the product, and rightly so. They therefore pay great attention to the fitting translated performance of the voice casting, to the dubbing direction and so on. Anyway, the real challenge is to give the right voice to the new characters we come across, avoiding to use previously employed actors/dubbers, in order to make sure we’ll never have two characters with the same voice meeting. Moreover, all this is to be done without actually knowing where the plot that brings together the overall picture is heading and without knowing what characters will take on a relevant role and what characters will pass away – and then again, perhaps only apparently, before showing up again when you least expect it…»