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The first edition of the Course in Acting and Writing applied to Dubbing is born designed by 3Cycle – dubbing company founded and directed by Marco Guadagno – in collaboration with Diversity and with the support of Netflix.

A specialization course that aims to train new talents by transmitting them the best techniques of the profession, through highly experienced teachers, but with an unprecedented approach to the themes of Diversity & Inclusion: the 3Cycle course is in fact the first course that was created with the aim of tracing a new direction for Italian dubbing, providing tools and interpretations to move in the profession with respect towards the original work, remaining faithful – in the words, in the meanings, in the voices and emotions – to the intentions of those who created it and to the multiple identities that are represented in it.

Alongside the more strictly technical subjects, for the first time there will also be workshops dedicated to introducing D&I issues, curated by Diversity Foundation with the involvement of experts such as the writer and columnist Marina Cuollothe writer Espérance Hakuzwimanathe copywriter and digital strategist Grace Fainelliand some insights on inclusive and non-stereotyped interpretation (for the course dedicated to actors and actresses) and on inclusive language, adaptation and subtitling (for the course dedicated to dialogists and translators).

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The course was born in the scenario of evolution of new technologies and an increasingly global and articulated audiovisual market, which sees the rise of new streaming services and the consequent increase in productions to be dubbed, from all over the world, which are giving a new impetus to the sector of dubbing and adaptation. In compliance with the standards of excellence that have always characterized the great Italian tradition, today new skills, new sensitivities and new voices are needed to keep up with the multiplicity of themes, histories and cultures with which the professionals of the sector have to confront each day.

The course is aimed at people who have already had training and / or professional experiences in the cinematographic, theatrical or television field and who want to perfect their skills in the world of dubbing. The most important public and private schools of cinema and theater will therefore be involved in the call to action for the opening of the admission notice and – in the belief that the values ​​of inclusion must concern not only the educational contents but also the access methods – the opening of the call will also be accompanied by a launch campaign curated by Diversity aimed at reaching talents belonging to underrepresented groups, with particular attention to the areas of gender identity, ethnicity, disability. Countryside “Safe in dubbing“Aims to increase their opportunities to enter the sector and at the same time generate a renewal of the industry starting from its diversification and will see the involvement of associations and digital activists to reach as many people as possible, contributing to an ever greater representation of diversity in the audiovisual sector both on and off screen.

Plus, thanks to the support of Netflix, they are expected well 8 full coverage scholarships of the participation fee e 7 scholarships covering 50%, which will be assigned by a special Commission taking into account the talent and potential of all candidates who have applied for a scholarship having the economic requisites.

Applications for the placement test are open until 10 June. For more information on the call and on scholarships: