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We see its content every day but perhaps not everyone knows that Netflix is a worldwide company with about 125 million subscribers in over 190 countries. Such a media giant needs to collaborate with several partners around the world in order to make sure its customers can enjoy top-notch programmes in their own language too. The Anglo-Saxon media giant selects its partners through the Netflix Post Partner Program, a complex procedure that can last several years and that 3Cycle has recently completed successfully!
The procedure begins by filling in some questionnaires submitted by the provider: company data, curricula of executives and employees, technical skills, available devices and equipment, guarantees on content secrecy (truly a paramount aspect in the era of piracy and hacking). Netflix is extremely careful when it comes to content and technology, hence it is necessary to have cutting-edge devices and to offer maximum secrecy on all levels. All this reflects their ambition to aim high, which makes us particularly proud, because we share the same goal. Indeed, we take our ‘cultural mediation’ work very seriously.

Once provided all the information required to be included in the Netflix database, we flew to Amsterdam to show a short demo and to answer some questions. Only then did the Netflix delegates come to Italy to actually visit our working premises and to see how we work.
They then tested several products, to assess us in both artistic and technical terms. We passed the test brilliantly, scoring 96 out of 100. Netflix then declared that 3Cycle was ready to become NP3 for Italy, with reference to dubbing and audio description. And there’s more: in the ranking system of NP3 companies, we reached the top spot on the podium, classifying as a “gold” company!