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On 3 July, Netflix started airing The Last Czars, a documentary-series that narrates the twilight of the Romanoffs, in the early 20th century, from the last years of Nicholas II to the revolution that caused the fall of the Russian dynasty. 3Cycle was entrusted with the task of dubbing the series into Italian and we had a chat with Gaia Bolognesi, who immediately shared a curious detail with us: «I greatly enjoyed dubbing this series because there are plenty of sex scenes, and that’s a part of my job I find very stimulating!

Gaia Bolognesi

Anyway, I’ve been working with 3Cycle and Marco Guadagno for quite a while now, on many interesting products: I have dubbed Hannah John-Kamen in Ant-man, the adorable Rebecca Ferguson in The Snowman, Rachel McAdams in Doctor Strange and many more, always working with Marco Guadagno as dubbing director. We work well together and I hope our collaboration will continue.

I find that dubbing is something that allows me to constantly keep in touch with myself. It’s a job that requires a blend of experience, hard work, repetition, studying, correct breathing, skill, soul, heart and mind. Actually, thought rather than mind. Dubbing requires all these elements, otherwise it doesn’t work. A good dubber can master all of these instruments, which means being able to resort to your inner self. It’s a sort of psychoanalysis. If you don’t work like this, then I think you are just reading lines. Unfortunately, many dubbers work that way. Not me, though.

I have adored all the characters I dubbed, and their stories will continue to fascinate me in the future. Take Bart Simpson, for example. I was not familiar with the character, I was probably one of the few who had never watched Matt Groening’s animated series. And yet, I loved working on it, we laughed and had great fun in the dubbing rooms – which, by the way, are all yellow!»