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In the film The Perfect Date, available on Netflix as from 12 April (the Italian version entrusted to 3Cycle), Emanuele Ruzza dubs Noah Centineo, who impersonates the perfect boyfriend. He knows what it’s like to walk in the shoes of prince charming: «My job is great fun, especially when the lead characters are somewhat ‘mocked’ by the story, as was the case for Charming, the animated film where the prince is a careless and spoiled young man, ‘condemned’ to seduce anyone he meets: I can assure you, it’s a laugh and a half!

Emanuele Ruzza

Working on The Perfect Date was good fun too. It was the first time I worked with dubbing director Domitilla D’Amico. I remember I was rather tense at first, and for each working shift we would regularly take a break, where I could release my tension amid a chat, a coffee and an Instagram story. That helped me find my concentration and perform well.

The perfect date – Netflix

Although I fear that even this time I’ll find a way to ‘criticise’ myself. That’s what usually happens when I review my work. For me, listening to myself, even years after the job, is paramount, it helps me study. Bear in mind that, in order to do this job, talent, passion and determination must be coupled with great professional ambitions. You must always aim high, you want to top excellence.

And that’s because dubbing is skill, inventiveness, it’s a service that stems from genius and craftsmanship, it’s the result of the work of thousands of technicians and top-notch professionals, who never expect to replace the talent of the original performers of the work. Dubbing is, and always will be, a ‘different endeavour’, an imitation of the original work, whether its superb or lousy.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to dub James Bond. I loved all the actors that impersonated the character, I loved all the James Bond films, all the dubbers, ever since I was a child. I hope the saga continues and that I might one day dub Agent 007 myself.»