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In Best Worst Weekend Ever (aired on Netflix and dubbed in Italian by 3Cycle) Tiziana Martello gives her voice to Hallie, a clumsy, atypical teenager with no friends. That description is pretty far from Tiziana, who nevertheless told us: «I loved dubbing her. She is someone who, in real life, would immediately be labelled as a loser. And yet, her spontaneity in communicating her feelings and her sweetness are enthralling. She is a positive character, from the beginning to the end of the series. That’s why I found it truly stimulating to work on this series – although credit also goes to Lorena Bertini (dubbing director) and Elena Masini (assistant) who helped create a very relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Brittany Garms is a comical actress and for me it was important to interpret her properly, translating her comical side into Italian, trying to keep up with Hallie’s quick pace. Owing to her comic timing I often had to keep myself from laughing while recording. I remember that happened when dubbing the scene where she must stay in the car, acting as a lookout while the other characters walk into the pet shop. So, all in all, I enjoyed becoming her – although I must say that, if I could, I’d like to become ten different characters every day!

I have often worked in television programmes and tv commercials, but I must say that dubbing is different, for it requires great skills and the ability to immediately identify yourself with the character. The difficulty is transposing somebody else’s work into Italian while absolutely respecting the original version. Furthermore, in dubbing you don’t have time to read the script or to see the entire film or series. You get to know the character five minutes before the dubbing session begins. You have very little time to understand the acting style of the actor/actress and the emotions s/he is trying to express. Then, it’s recording time. And it’s a win-it or bin-it.»