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Agnese Marteddu, born in 1998, gave her voice to the lead character of Tiny Christmas, a Nickelodeon film dubbed by 3Cycle. We had a quick chat with her.

«Working on Tiny Christmas was a very amusing experience, because Riele Downs is a good actress, she is sarcastic and I love the way she talks. I also dub her in Henry Danger, so I work quite often with 3Cycle. And that’s a good thing, because I like it a lot here, everyone is extremely competent on a professional level, and from a human standpoint they know how to put you at ease, how to get you to actually enjoy it. I get along well with everyone.

Mini Natale

Even if I’m still quite young I have gathered a good deal of experience in this field, because my mother, who worked in the administrative office of a dubbing company, made my brother and I begin when we were very young. Throughout the years I was lucky enough to meet several dubbing directors who taught me how to dub on the job, because I never attended any specific class or elocution course. Nothing. I learned everything by actually doing it. I was very lucky in this regard, because I met people who knew how to teach me, allowing me to understand how to go about it, even though I was just a girl (and therefore I considered it a bit of a game). They taught me that there are different ways to approach this job, that attuning to the actors’ expressions is crucial to fully realise the characters’ emotions and feelings.

Agnese Marteddu

Dubbing is not my only passion, though. I am also an astrophysics enthusiast. Studying at university is a totally different thing and I like to do  both… Even if I’m never going to be an astrophysicist, I will always cherish the profound knowledge of this passion of mine. Plus, attending a university course made me discover my ‘nerdy’ aspect, which I was unaware of. As a matter of fact, my long-cherished dream is to dub a comic-strip character, perhaps one of the DC Comics characters – my favourites. Who knows, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, either a super-heroine or a villain! Fortunately, as I grow – professionally speaking – my voice grows with me. Hence, I am starting to dub characters of my age too. And the next one might just be a DC Comics hero!»